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What is PAT Testing? PAT stands for portable appliance testing, this is the visual inspection and electrical testing of portable and transportable equipment, items such as computers, printers, kettles, extension leads, a fridge, work tools such as drills e.t.c.

Why PAT test? The most obvious reason would be to ensure that all electrical appliances are safe to be  used, however due to current Health and Safety Legislation and the Electricity at Work Act all employers have a duty of care to ensure that their employees are working in a safe environment. More information can be found on the next navigation tab entitled WHY TEST.

How much does PAT Testing cost? PAT  Prices The cost of Testing varies from one company to another, however the procedure should always remain the same and current regulation’s should always be followed. Generally prices vary by the quantity of items that require testing, for example 5000 items would be cheaper per item than 5 items. Average prices at the moment have fallen and you should expect to pay anywhere between £0.70 and £1.60 per item inspected and tested, for smaller numbers under 100 items there is normally a call out charge.

Will there be any disruption during the PAT testing? It would be wrong to say no, however most companies will work around your needs and requirements to keep any disruption to a bear minimum.

Legal requirements / regulations for Portable appliance testing: The law requires that employers, landlords and the self employed, must ensure that all electrical equipment they provide is safe and suitable for the purpose it was intended, and is properly maintained and in good order.

To ensure that all equipment provided is safe requires the implementation of a systematic and regular program of maintenance, inspection and testing.

With all electrical equipment damage or faults may occur during use, which in turn could make the equipment unsafe, many faults can be determined by a visual inspection often referred to as a “user check” this can be performed by the user of the equipment. However faults can arise in electrical equipment that may not be readily apparent, an example of this would be internal connections which may have deteriorated or misuse of the equipment.

One way of detecting such defects is through a more thorough visual inspection by a competent person and an electrical test by a Portable Appliance Test Instrument or PAT Tester as it is more commonly known. Both the visual examination and the  Test should be preformed by a competent person and the results should be logged.

In addition Portable appliance Testing forms a part of The Health & Safety Act, The Electricity At Work Regulations and PUWER (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations)

It is therefore imperative that that you have a regular and recordable Portable appliance testing routine, whether this is by a competent person in house or you use the services of Portable Appliance Testing Specialist.

For a Portable appliance testing specialist in your area please click on the navigation tab on the left of the page, Links to low cost pattesting in your area, for  PAT Testing Cambridge and PAT Testing Suffolk please visit PAT Testing in Essex. For Bedfordshire please visit Hertfordshire Tab.

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